Clear and springy/stretchy vaginal discharge is normal. Having vaginal discharge is normal; I would be more concern if I was not having vaginal discharge or very little discharge. Remember, it is cleaning and clearing out dead cells from the vagina from the uterine lining. This keeps the vagina protected and healthy as well as functioning properly.

Vaginal discharge changes throughout your menstrual ( a blood shedding of the uterine lining) cycle the color ranges from clear to cloudy to milky and even pale yellow. At each point during the cycle ( a repeated event that happens in the same order) your reproductive system is preparing the body for conception; this also ranges often according to the type of discharge from not fertile to most fertile. When the egg is not fertilized with sperm, the egg dissolve and thus you have your monthly period.

Vaginal discharge is naturally acidic the pH ranges between 3.8 to about 4.5 if there is a change in the pH ( whether an increase or decrease in your natural pH) other than actually being on your period where the pH is then alkaline (anything over a 7) it often indicates an infection of some kind.

The amount, consistency and odor of your discharge can change each time depending on where you are in your monthly cycle; your diet, your lifestyle (exercising, alcohol, smoking, sleep habits, sexual partners), pregnancy, breastfeeding, drinking water, medication, antibiotics, and birth control, as well as stress can all play apart in this reproductive process.

There is a difference between all of the normal types of discharge; at some point within the menstrual cycle there is a time usually after you period ends when there is no vaginal discharge or very little occurring, you are dry and nothing is going on down below, this is also normal however, this usually last about 3 days to a week before the vaginal discharge return.

During this dry stage period, most likely you will not be fertile. Unlike the clear and watery vaginal discharge  clear and springy/stretchy vaginal discharge ( also known as egg whites or ovulation discharge ) happens because most likely you are ovulating and you are most fertile during this time. At this point, protection is key if you are NOT looking to carry another life. However, if you are looking to get pregnant now is the time, the slippery consistency aids in sperm travel to the cervix.

Many women get this type of discharge confused with being a yeast infection or some other kind of infection because of the discharge color and consistency. The color varies in each woman it can be clear or milky white vaginal discharge; believing that the springiness/stretchiness of the discharge and the abdominal pain (often felt during ovulation) is cause for alarm.

Again, a healthy vagina secretes substances whether clear or milky white, whether watery, springy/stretchy or thick discharge through glands in the cervix and vagina it does so to keep itself clean and free of infections and other kinds of germs. The secretion/discharge also rids the vagina and uterus of old dead cells as well as for vaginal lubrication.

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