Why was Youthful-VA-Jayjay® created?


         Let’s just face it; it is not an easy thing for some ladies to do.  “Do what?” you ask.  Nonchalantly spread your legs with mother-earth and all your bottom-half on full display while you nervously talk about “stuff” to keep “them” from looking too hard at “your stuff” but, you know they have to look and sometimes with the brightest of light shining right at your lady bits. Whether it’s a male or female gynecologist it’s just plain awkward. 

         The funny thing is, at the time of writing this About Page I have a GYN appointment scheduled. So, you see I too have to go through it as well but I use the visit as a tool; through a thorough check-up and check-over, it gives me a clear and better understanding that my natural alternative lifestyle for vaginal health and wellness is effective.

         Years ago, in college, I signed up for my first aerobic and fitness course and I was instantly hooked; it opened my mind to the field of Health and Wellness and I have been living that way for over twenty years. I had no idea how important exercise and vitamin supplements were for the body. Later, I learned how important exercise was for lifting the spirit as well. I also learned how exercising slows down the aging process and stabilizes youthfulness throughout the body including the vagina. The increase of rich oxygenated blood when exercising strengthen the vaginal muscle promoting optimal organ function and promote healthy cell growth.

         Over the years I researched and learned the anatomy of the female vagina. It is a delicate, intricate and unique organ made up of more parts than most realize inside and out. The vagina (internal) and the vulva (external) genitalia are not the same with the deep folds and wrinkles (the only time when wrinkles are good) of the vaginal canal and the fatty tissue of the labia major just as you would gently cleanse and moisturize the skin on your face it is very important to learn (no one knows your vagina more than you) and lovingly care for your vagina in full detail. 

         My grandmother was still sexually active in her 70’s and 80’s and that fascinated my sisters and me. I wanted to know how and why because the going information was and is once a woman reaches her 50’s she will suffer from a whole host of vaginal issues. So, I thought to myself I need to learn how to counteract this belief so that I too, can be like my grandmother (LOL). Mother–Earth is life-giving, it can also give you a lifetime of pleasure if you learn, listen and treat her as a living-partner.  However, most women are not aware or don’t view their vaginas as living-partners. I believe a change in thinking and simple clear information in natural vaginal health and wellness needed to be share

         It is for this reason that Youthful-VA-Jayjay was created to share what I have learned over the years, to inspire and empower all women to care for and talk to their vaginas. To equip women with solid and reliable knowledge and know-how on natural vaginal health and wellness and to inform the traditional medical field that women now want a natural alternative for natural effective vaginal care. 

A bit of information on Kay R. Holman creator of Youthful-VA-Jayjay:

2005-earned Certificate in Biblical Counseling and Women’s Ministry: Extraordinary Women Ministries—EW

2006-earned Bachelor Degree in Business Administration: Metropolitan College of New York

2017-earned License in Aesthetics (Skin Care and Conditioning): Jolie Beauty Academy

2019-currently enrolled in School of Natural Health Sciences: Herbalist