Clear and watery vaginal discharge is a normal and sometimes daily occurrence in females of child-bearing years. On a regular, clear and watery discharge is healthy and has no cause for concern. It is a natural process that helps to clear out and flush away dead cells in the vagina. There are vaginal and cervical glands that secretes fluid, this fluid is the discharge that you experience from the vagina. It also represents a healthy and well balanced amount of vaginal yeast and bacteria. Even with the discharge the natural smell of the vagina should have a light fresh earthy musk smell, a very pleasing scent or no scent at all.

However, there may be times when the discharge can be excessive causing too much moisture which can lead to inflammation and irritation around the vaginal region try to keep it as dry as possible. As long as the secretion does not have a foul smell, a change in color accompanied with itching and you have no lower abdominal pain let the secretion flow. Wear cotton panties or panties with a cotton lining along with a cotton panty-liner and change it often. This is not a big concern, many women and their partners would love to have this situation.

Remember, a healthy vagina is naturally acidic. This acidic environment prevents the bad bacteria from forming and getting a foothold. The clear and watery discharge secretion helps the vagina to self-clean. However, there are specific times when the clear and watery vaginal discharge occurs for instance:

You may experience it just before intercourse or during, the discharge/mucus is getting the vagina lubricated and ready to receive the penis ( it is the "wet" feeling that women experience). It may also happen a few day after intercourse because the vagina is self cleaning after being stimulate.

Another time is during ovulation, a whole host of things are going on as the body prepares for ovulation estrogen increases as it speeds up the maturity of the dominant egg, the mature egg releases, and accompanying hormones are being released. During the process, good lubrication is needed to move the process along hence the excessive clear and watery vaginal discharge.

Clear and watery vaginal discharge during pregnancy is very normal. Remember for those women who want to get pregnant it can be an early sign of pregnancy. You will experience discharge throughout your pregnancy it may be the clear watery type or it may be milky white mucus type which is leukorrhea, a discharge common during pregnancy. Leukorrhea is cause by an influx of blood flow in the internal vaginal region and a greater amount of estrogen production. You can have this discharge at times throughout your reproductive years but again, it is more common during pregnancy. Not an issue if the discharge has no foul smell and no abdominal pain or inflammation.

Remember the vagina is a muscle, any muscle that you exercise will become stronger and the bone that the muscle surrounds as well. While exercising your breathing and heart rate increases as a result more blood flows throughout the body to the muscles this strengthen and conditions the uterus and vaginal muscle. As you age all muscles shrink but exercising greatly decreases this shrinkage and continues to condition and strengthen the muscles and bones including those of the vaginal region and the pelvic bone. Exercising helps stimulates movement the uterus contracts as you exercise releasing the clear watery discharge and self cleansing the vagina.

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