Herbs and their oils can be very beneficial for vaginal and reproductive health and wellness. The green little leaves used to garnish a dish is one of the greatest medicinal gift of nature. It is important that you understand that when using medicinally herbs are powerful natural medication. 

Realize this, many if not all synthetic (made-made) medication are chemical forms of herbs; they are NOT herbs so they affect and react differently in the body; man cannot created or recreate what nature has naturally made. It does not matter how well pharmaceutical companies make their version, it is quite possible that something can be harmful with the drug. Pharmaceuticals are chemical compounds create by companies for medical drug use. Most people prefer this form of medication I however, try to avoid them as much as possible.

Herbs however, like wholefood vitamins and minerals work with the body. They are natural and a part of nature. Herbs are plants that do not have woody stems most often used for flavoring food, the perfume industry, and for medicine and supplements. Many herbs can treat, cure and prevent vaginal dryness, infections, strengthen, tightening and thicken the vaginal wall, can soften the vaginal lips and opening; can strengthen the walls of the uterus, pelvic floor muscle and the vaginal nerves.

Some herbs can cure STD's and STI's if caught in the early stages. As I stated on another page I had suffered with a UTI, yeast infection and BV during various times in my life, thankfully nothing more serious. I am not saying that going the natural route will "cure" "you" but after going the traditional way "I" decided to go the holistic natural way and it "cured" me. It is purely "your choice". Remember, first see a traditional doctor to get the proper diagnose I would advise. Read more about the benefits of vitamins and minerals for vaginal health.

The female body goes through a lot of biological changes. From birth, the females body is growing and changing almost daily. Puberty is a stressful time mentally and definitely physically. Every girl should learn about their body and what's going on during that time. Along with a clean diet/healthy eating, herbs can strengthen the reproductive organs, improve menstrual regularity, shrink or dissolve uterine or fallopian tube cyst/tumors. I stressed that you cannot have a unhealthy diet consisting mainly of white sugar, white rice, white flour, French fries (any deep fried foods), alcohol, cheese, processed foods (mainly boxed, some frozen and can foods) sodas. Eating this way and not exercising can possibly put the body in a weaken state, making it easy for internal biological attacks. 

After my second pregnancy I learned that I had fibroids (uterine tumors), one the size of a tennis ball and during my C-section it was removed. I also had a few smaller fibroids that were not removed however, they did not give me any issues. I did many months of research looking for a natural way to shrink my smaller fibroids and I learned there are three types of uterine fibroids:

Submucous fibroids develop and grow under or within the lining of the woman’s uterine wall.

Intramural fibroids develop and grow within the muscular wall of the uterus.

Subserosal fibroids develop and grow on the outside of the uterine wall. Also with the subserosal fibroid while growing on the outside of the uterine wall it can grow on a stalk/stem called a pedunculated subserosal fibroid.

In most cases fibroids can be treated naturally. Herbs and diet are effective treatment choices. Herbs are not fast-acting like traditional medicine, it will take some time however, unlike traditional medication the outcome is usually permanent.

Effective Herbs for Uterine Fibroids and other Reproductive Issues

The herbs below are phytoestrogen (phyton Greek for plant) and estrogen (the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristic hormone) unlike estrogen produced naturally in the body these phytoestrogen are estrogen that derives from plants/food sources such as flaxseeds and other oilseeds, beans, lentils, nuts, wheat germ pomegranates, carrots, berries, apples. Not only are the herbs/plants below great for shrinking fibroids they are great for several other female concerns/issues as well. 

For many years the only way fibroids were treated by medical professional was by a hysterectomy ( surgical removal of the uterus can include fallopian tubes and ovaries).The below herbs are just a few examples that can help treat fibroids, there are several more herbs that can benefit this condition. Do research to see which combination is best for you.

Fibroids are non-cancerous smooth muscular tumors that grow in the uterus inside, outside and/or in the uterine muscle wall. In some women they can cause pain, pressure, cramps, fullness and heavy bleeding during menstrual or between the menstrual cycle. It can be a single tumor at any size or there can me multiple tumors ranging in sizes.  Fibroids can be so large that they can distort the shape of the uterus and cause the appearance of being four or five months pregnant.

Fibroids can cause heavy bleeding in some women and if your bleeding is heavy every month then most likely you are deficient in several vitamins and minerals. If you are iron deficient then you are vitamin D deficient; iron and Vitamin D are synergistic ( work together for a greater effect).

Herbs are very beneficial for the body; we hear people say " herbs are very healthy for you" BUT do they really know? Herbs really, REALLY do work! Remember, most if not all traditional medicine were founded in herbs; however, they have re-created the herbs synthetically/chemically and use the man-made version to make medication. We have Superfoods and I believe all herbs are SuperHerbs.

NOTE: Before taking any of the below herbs or any herbs in general while pregnant first seek counseling. See your GYN/OB and an herbalist and inform them of your plans of using reproductive herbs or any herbs as a treatment. It is always best and most effective to prescribe and take herbs as a complex meaning prescribe and use along with other organic herbs for fibroid treatment and other reproductive concerns just like vitamins and minerals herbs work best synergistically. Like most herbs the herbs below treat a whole host of issues in the body but I will focus on the benefits of its use as it relates to women's health concerns.

Dong Quai- also known as the female ginseng it is a traditional Chinese herb/medicine. Although very beneficial for female health not every woman should use it. It can be taken is capsule form.

DQ balance estrogen levels because it copies (a weaker form) the body’s natural estrogen when the estrogen level is too low and to reduce estrogen levels when it is too high in the body. It is also used to relieve PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps, and minimize perimenopausal symptoms as well as menopausal symptoms. It helps to increase blood volume and red blood cell making it very useful for a blood building tonic and anemia sufferers. It is also given to women who suffer with certain fibroids in natural alternative health to help prevent or minimize estrogen dominance that some believe increases the risk of developing fibroids in the uterus.

Another use of DQ is the belief that it helps and enhances fertility in women by regulating the hormones and making it easier to ovulate on a regular basis. It strengthens and tones the uterus, increase blood flow; it also improves the body’s iron absorption.

There are times when DQ should not be used by some women during pregnancy because of DQ’s ability to contract the uterus, if you plan on breastfeeding DQ is not recommended, it will increase menstrual blood flow so if you have a natural heavy period do not take DQ. One of the main natural properties of Dong quai is coumarin a phytochemical (plant chemical) a natural blood thinner so do not take it with any other prescribe blood thinners or any natural blood thinners like garlic, turmeric, ginger, onions and many more including cinnamon, cayenne pepper (do your research). Dong quai contains several vitamins and minerals beneficial for vaginal health such as A, B12, biotin, folic acid, C and E and minerals such as niacin, magnesium and potassium.    

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Red Raspberry Leaf- is one of the best herbs (SuperHerb) for toning and strengthening the uterine muscle and the pelvic muscle. Many only know of the beneficial properties of the raspberry fruit but its leaves also offer up benefits for gynecological issues as well. RRL contains vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for vaginal health: vitamins A, B complex, C complex and E along with minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus all of these nutrients occurs naturally in RRL and are key to female health pre, during and post pregnancy.

Next to chasteberry this is the next best overall herb to use for gynecological issues. Use together as a daily tonic drink. RRL help ease menstrual symptom and control menstrual bleeding. It is also given as a pregnancy and labor tonic and as a tonic for the preparation of pregnancy; and while pregnant it helps with leg and body cramps, relaxing the body and mood for better sleep and, improving nausea. Herbalist also prescribe red raspberry leaf for men with fertility issues as well.

Gynecological issues is what RRL is most known for however,  it is also beneficial for a whole host of other health concern skin issue such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, reducing inflammation of the body, high blood pressure and many other issues because of its astringent properties due to the tannins in the leaves. This substance (tannins) makes RRL a natural constrictor that constricts body openings and connective tissues decreasing blood flow, body fluids, inflammation all while tightening the vagina.

This herb is recommended for women that are looking to tone and strengthen their uterus and pelvic muscles before, during and after pregnancy and for women who suffered with miscarriages. Also recommended for excessive vaginal bleeding due to heavy periods, fibroids and almost any other Gynecological issues. Great for men as well. 

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Chaste Tree Berry- also known as Vitex, another SuperHerb is one of the most effective and common natural treatment for fibroids and other female health issues. Medical authorities are not really definite on the cause of fibroids but they do believe that excessive estrogen plays a major role in the development of them. Chasteberry increase the levels of progesterone in the body while decreasing excessive estrogen; this action balances the proper levels of estrogen and progesterone ratio in the body.

Chasteberry is also prescribe by natural health practitioner for the treatment of shrinking fibroids. Fibroids in some women cause severe pain and cramps and can cause painful intercourse. In my case, my fibroids caused no pain but during my monthly the bleeding was to the point of blood pouring out. I could soak a pad in less than thirty minutes.

Like DQ and black cohosh chasteberry increases blood flow for regularity for those women who are having trouble getting pregnant with a dual ability to reduce bleeding in women suffering with excessive menstrual bleeding. It regulates ovulation and monthly periods enhancing the chances of conceiving. Remember most natural treatment are slow-moving, be patient and consistent. 

Chasteberry is one of the best herbs for women suffering with burdensome PMS symptoms: cramps, anal pressure, breast tenderness and many other symptoms.

Chasteberry has the ability to adjust to the body's needs for instance, it will increase blood flow in women suffering with scanty or irregular periods and it can also decrease menstrual bleeding by shrinking fibroids in women suffering with heavy bleeding or bleeding between periods. 

It is believed that fibroids are caused by excessive production of estrogen and researchers believe that chaste tree berry has estrogen-like effects that may cause fibroids to grow larger; because of this belief monitor your usage and results if you have fibroids. 

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Dandelion Root and Leaf- another SuperHerb that the Lawn and Garden Industry labeled a weed (flower and lawn strangler) and sadly many including myself believed it. Many went on a War-Path in trying to rid their lawn and gardens of the pesky yet very beneficial herb. Not realizing they are killing what is "Super" beneficial for the body. 

Dandelion root supports liver and gallbladder detoxification through urination; a healthy liver reduces excessive estrogen and improves bile flow. It also detoxify the blood through the bitter properties of dandelion. Herbalist believes that dandelion root rids the body of excess estrogen therefore improving or curing fibroids.

The roots of dandelion aids in digestion and balance the hormones; when you have balanced hormones of estrogen and progesterone herbalist believes that it may be difficult for the development of fibroids. 

Dandelion improves the function of the liver, a strong and healthy liver detoxify the body and removes excessive estrogen from the body and this action helps to balance the female hormones along with chaste tree berry's progesterone  increasing action. 

It is also believed that dandelion root may inhibit and/or slow the growth of Candida albicans, the same yeast that causes vaginal yeast infection. Herbalist often use dandelion as a fertility stimulator. For women looking to become pregnant dandelion is a great reproductive cleansing herb it cleanses the body removing toxins from the body helping to prepare it for pregnancy. It also improves bone density helping to support the pelvic frame.

Dandelion is rich in vitamins A, B's, C's, D, E and K and several minerals iron, calcium, choline, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and trace minerals zinc and copper all needed nutrients for vaginal health. Dandelion is in the Daisy family so if you are allergic to daisies stay away from dandelions.

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Yarrow Flower- is another SuperHerb. It has a dual personality; it is able to stimulate the menstrual flow as well as control heavy menstrual flow. Yarrow is a warming and cooling herb but it is the warming properties that stimulate and move the body's fluids. If you are suffering with deep dark red blood with clots and/or menstrual pain you most likely have a congested reproductive system.

Yarrow like dandelion has natural diuretic properties, when drinking as a herbal infusion/tonic it stimulates urine flow and can be used as a treatment for urinary track infections (UTI); because of yarrow's wonderful bitterness this informs us that it is a natural astringent this quality is very beneficial in toning and contracting skin cells, blood vessels and body tissue.

UTI is not the only vaginal infection the yarrow can treat it can be used to treat several female issues and concerns such as vaginal Candida, the antiseptic and contraction properties of yarrow can stop the growth of the unhealthy yeast and soothes and heal the vaginal walls due to the inflammation. It regulates the menstrual cycle if you are suffering with a scanty period, long cycle, or heavy period. Often, women who breastfeed will suffer with mastitis an infection of the breastmilk ducts yarrow is very useful as a poultice.

Yarrow is a great pain reliver if you are suffering with monthly menstrual cramps usually consisting of spasms, cramps, inflammation and pelvic congestion or any other reproductive concerns such as PCOS, fibroids, ovarian and fallopian tube cysts, endometriosis. Yarrow is one of the top fertility herbs that herbalist prescribe to their clients because of its stimulating and healing effect on the uterus.

Yarrow has a great ability to move blood, this movement helps to oxygenate the blood bringing vital nutrients to the cells and organs. Women who suffer with the reproductive and menstrual issues above are probably suffering with a weak uterus as well. This nutrient rich blood feeds the reproductive organs and help to eliminate pelvic stagnation. Do not use yarrow if you are already pregnant because to its uterine stimulation effects.

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Echinacea- I believe all herbs are super and echinacea is one of the best. Echinacea has anti-viral and bacterial properties. It can treat a whole host of health issues but like all the other herbs I will focus on the benefit of echinacea for vaginal health. Echinacea can be used for BV treatment. 

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Turmeric- is great for vaginal health; one of its active and main ingredient is curcumin, a plant source form of estrogen. Although, not as potent as estrogen but it will help balance the hormones during peri-menopause and during monthly cycles.

During peri-menopause and the reproductive years some women may suffer with vaginitis, which is an inflammation of the vagina and/or the vulva. Vaginitis itself is not an infection it is the effect/symptoms of an infection whether it be bacterial, yeast or parasitic. 

Turmeric is a superfood and SuperHerb it is one of the most studied medicinal herbs known. It reduces inflammation throughout the body as well as in the vaginal canal. Turmeric has antifungal properties so, if you are suffering with yeast (Candida albicans) infection turmeric is a great treatment alternative. 

Turmeric has low absorption into the bloodstream, body tissue and penetration of the cell wall without combining it with piperine (a black pepper compound), black pepper and/or fat (preferably healthy) for maximum absorption. 

Turmeric is very beneficial for the female reproductive system. It is a mild uterine stimulant which help tone and strengthen the uterus and the pelvic muscle; It stimulates blood flow, this in turn cleans, purifies and moves stagnant blood. This can help normalize monthly periods. 

Turmeric has multiple benefits for fibroid suffers curcumin stimulates cell death of fibroids, turmeric also stops blood vessels from forming inside of fibroids and feeding them, turmeric heals the tissue of the of the fibroids and the tissue that surround it as well as other benefits.

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