Daily vaginal discharge is different than arousal discharge. With daily discharge, it is more of a natural self-cleansing. Daily/regular discharge contains dead cells, bacteria, dry blood, semen and other matter that may enter the vagina through using Kotex, tampons, wash clothes, feminine hygiene spray, soap, and debris from your underwear. Glands in the neck of the uterus (cervix) secrete mucous that keeps the vagina naturally clean, moist and slightly acidic. Daily/regular discharge amount differs from woman to woman and month to month. 

With arousal discharge blood flows and fills the vaginal walls in a process known as vasocongestion. This swelling causes the vagina and the vulva and all its parts to swell and sweat releasing a lubricating discharge that contains acids of the lactobacillus bacteria, proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids. The arousal discharge lubricates the inside vaginal wall and the outer vagina making it ready for sexual penetration. 

Daily vaginal discharge flows from the cervical mucous membrane glands from the upper part of the vagina just under the uterus (womb) as noted this discharge clears away dead cells, dried blood, unhealthy bacteria and naturally cleans the vagina. The discharge greatly increases during time of ovulation and decreases during the time you are on your period. 

Vascocongestion happens during sexual arousament Sexual arousal discharge flows from two separate pairs of glands.

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